I am Jorge Silva Rodighiero, but you can call me George. I am a psychoanalyst by day, and an artist by night.

In 2015 my first novel Sacrifice (Sacrificio) was published in Spanish in Chile, my home country. Sacrifice is a teen & young adult novel set in contemporary times, its pages filled with adventure, intrigue and epic battles. In it you will revisit mythological characters and universal themes from an unexpected point of view.

During that year I was busy doing launches, interviews on TV and conferences about the book, so I didn’t have much time to do anything else art related… not with the 12 patients I see every day!

In 2016 I was able to translate it to English, with the help of some writers friends whose first language is English, because I wanted to bring the story of Gabriel to a broader audience. The same year the book was launched on Amazon, self-published since it was already published in Spanish here in Chile.

I was happy by the great reviews it got, and the conversations about it that I got to have with its readers.

During that year I also re-started painting, but I am keeping that in a separate place. You can also check the sidebar for my facebook page and instagram where I post my pieces.

What have I been doing in 2017? Besides arting and my daily routine as a psychoanalyst, I wrote a new fantasy novel! The working title is HAVEN. I wrote it on English and is currently being edited. Very soon you will know more about it ^_^

This page is the place to keep in touch with my readers, announcing them news related to my books. Come here if you want to know more about the process of writing Haven and future books, read quotes and lore that I will post here, and much more!

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