HAVEN: Lore (26)

“After a thousand years, the presence of superstition and treacherous magic had been almost suppressed in our beloved Haven. I thereby made a motion to the Council of War to take our cleansing crusade to the Charred Islands. I was sure one of their inhabitants would divulge the secret of its destination if we applied the correct method of persuasion.”

 The next Crusade, Royal Inquisitor Cassia

HAVEN: Lore (25)

“The Shield of Aegis were made back in our original homeland. Their ebony plating endures against the piercers of the Wizards of Old and even dragonfire. As you can see, we created something superior to what the barbarians could design.

What other proof do you need of our superiority?”

 An argument against the Barbarian Pamphlet, attributed to Royal Inquisitor Cassia

HAVEN: Lore (24)

“We learned plenty in our journey over the Charred Islands. The priests that worship the Fire there cultivate a plant called Soother Green. When chewed, it suppresses hunger, thirst, pain, and fatigue, something that the Wielders of the Flame back in Haven put to good use. In exchange, we gave them lavender seeds and taught them how to press the flowers to get the healing oil out of them.  It was wonderful to be a part of this; men and women finding a way to reduce pain. What should be commonplace, it is sadly a miracle.”

 Mama Luna, Teachings of the Three Moons

HAVEN: Lore (22)

We used our combined powers to protect our overlords. The three wizards working together, can you believe it? Red, black, and white. Shielding spells were poured over their rooms, forbidding any threat to step inside. Nothing would harm them there, as long as one of our souls remained intact.

Wizard Maelog, The Age of Magic

HAVEN: Lore (21)

“The cost of wielding the flames is impossible to ignore. The burns on our skin, the scars that remain, the pain that lingers in our throats. But everything has a cost. Wielding a sword or a piercer is just the same. The difference is that you cannot show the wounds in your heart, the difference is that you can ignore the scars in your soul. At least for a while.”

Matriarch Gahariet, The Fire and her Blessings

HAVEN: Lore (20)

I tremble each time I hold the moons chart that shows the destiny of Prince Julianus. All that darkness surrounding him since such a young age. A darkness that it seems to engulf us all. But a light, a light at the end. A light I have not seen. A light I do not understand. A light that may save us all.

Mama Luna, Teachings of the Three Moons