HAVEN: Lore (22)

We used our combined powers to protect our overlords. The three wizards working together, can you believe it? Red, black, and white. Shielding spells were poured over their rooms, forbidding any threat to step inside. Nothing would harm them there, as long as one of our souls remained intact.

Wizard Maelog, The Age of Magic

HAVEN: Lore (21)

“The cost of wielding the flames is impossible to ignore. The burns on our skin, the scars that remain, the pain that lingers in our throats. But everything has a cost. Wielding a sword or a piercer is just the same. The difference is that you cannot show the wounds in your heart, the difference is that you can ignore the scars in your soul. At least for a while.”

Matriarch Gahariet, The Fire and her Blessings

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HAVEN: Lore (20)

I tremble each time I hold the moons chart that shows the destiny of Prince Julianus. All that darkness surrounding him since such a young age. A darkness that it seems to engulf us all. But a light, a light at the end. A light I have not seen. A light I do not understand. A light that may save us all.

Mama Luna, Teachings of the Three Moons

HAVEN: Lore (19)

The red wizard was supposed to be the one in charge of war. We assumed that his mastery over the elements would grant us victory. Alas he did not have any fire inside his heart. He lacked the courage and determination to do what was required to win against the invaders. I grew to despise the crimson robe he wore.

Wizard Maelog, The Age of Magic

HAVEN: Lore (18)

“Why are there gigantic animals in Haven? One theory of course is that being larger provides many advantages, mainly that bigger animals are of course less vulnerable to predators such as dragons. Others suppose that it allows a longer digestive tract, for extracting more from the scarce food of the island, especially its tough vegetation. However, one has to accept the possibility of magic being the explanation. Its presence before King Alaricus banned it from our island may well be the reason behind its megafauna.”

An argument against the Barbarian Pamphlet, attributed to Royal Inquisitor Cassia