HAVEN: Lore (27)

“The Red Wizard commanded the elements with ease. I could manifest any artifact one could dream of, forging the sharpest of blades and the sturdiest armor with only my mind.  He could do the same, but with stone, wind, and water. I remember when he gave me a rainbow for my birthday, a few centuries ago, when we were still friends. I remember even better, however, the hurricane with which he ripped apart the wings of a dragon that dared to approach our temple.”

 Wizard Maelog, Age of Magic

HAVEN: Lore (18)

“Why are there gigantic animals in Haven? One theory of course is that being larger provides many advantages, mainly that bigger animals are of course less vulnerable to predators such as dragons. Others suppose that it allows a longer digestive tract, for extracting more from the scarce food of the island, especially its tough vegetation. However, one has to accept the possibility of magic being the explanation. Its presence before King Alaricus banned it from our island may well be the reason behind its megafauna.”

An argument against the Barbarian Pamphlet, attributed to Royal Inquisitor Cassia

HAVEN: Lore (17)

“The social system of the Core is undoubtedly patriarchal. The King is the ruler, never the Queen, and the eldest son is always the heir. Women have always been a part of the Council of War, but you can count on one hand the ones that have risen to the position of Chancellor. The same happens with The Coin, where Tuneric Pecunia is the only woman who has worn the First Robe. But as you move towards the Periphery, the gender distinctions start to fade. It seems that among the peasantry the Choice they make at their Initiation is what distinguishes them, more than what they hide between their legs. One has to wonder if in this issue the uneducated are more evolved than us.”

Lord Florious, New Technologies for Old Problems (Addendum)

HAVEN: Lore (16)

What Servo forgets in his writing is the presence of the Fulgor. How can we take the time and resources needed to build majestic places when we are constantly under attack? No, we are not inferior to the barbarians. The proof is very simple.

We are alive, and they are not.

An argument against the Barbarian Pamphlet, attributed to Royal Inquisitor Cassia

HAVEN: Lore (15)

“The chitinous exoskeleton of the burrower has several practical uses for the inhabitants of Haven. Its head can be used as a rudimentary helmet, after removing the antenna and jaws of course. The legs can be carefully sharpened and serve as javelins that travel quite far because of the lightweight material. The rings are perfect as wagon wheels, since they are both durable and flexible.”

Lord Florius, New Technologies for Old Problems

HAVEN: Lore (12)

“We know about the Dungeon and its wonders. Its architecture and the treasures that hide in its depths are far beyond anything we can accomplish with our current skills. Travel Haven from coast to coast, and you will find smaller ruins and sometimes even remnants of old tech. Were the barbarians truly inferior to us? I know it is anathema just to mention this thought, but one has to wonder.”

The Barbarian Truth, Main Evidence for the Trial of Servo the Apostate

HAVEN: Lore (11)

“The ocean around our Haven lies dormant off the coast, but leave the shoreline and enormous waves and dangerous monstrosities will attack your ship. The risk of trade with the nearby islands is too high, and thus the cost of the potential imports prohibitive. We will have to make do with what we have here.”

Tuneric Pecunia, First Robe of The Coin