HAVEN: Lore (30)

“The White Wizard was the healer among us. There was no wound she could not mend. Scars disappeared as she passed her pale fingers over them. Blood stopped pouring with a mere glance. Burnt skin, fractured bones, poisoned lungs… there was nothing that she could not fix. Sometimes I wonder if she would have been able to even resuscitate a corpse, if she had lived another century or two.”

 Wizard Maelog, Age of Magic

HAVEN: Lore (29)

“Breather: A rod the length of a hand and the width of a finger. Pressing both ends at the same time extends a membrane from the middle. If the user puts their mouth around the rod while also carefully covering their nose with the membrane, they will be able to breathe not only underwater, but through poisonous gases. We have tried to discover how the rod works, but we do not even know what the membrane is made of.

Estefa Macasli, An Investigation about the Artifacts of Haven

HAVEN: Lore (28)

“I went with my little sister, Florian, to the Miasma Forest. It was a gift she had requested; I’ve never been able to say no to those emerald eyes. We took twenty guards and enough breathers for us all. The dense vegetation blocked the sun and the perilous pollen filled the air with its mist. We turned around only when our father’s warning became true.”

 Lord Florious, Exploring the Unexplored

HAVEN: Lore (27)

“The Red Wizard commanded the elements with ease. I could manifest any artifact one could dream of, forging the sharpest of blades and the sturdiest armor with only my mind.  He could do the same, but with stone, wind, and water. I remember when he gave me a rainbow for my birthday, a few centuries ago, when we were still friends. I remember even better, however, the hurricane with which he ripped apart the wings of a dragon that dared to approach our temple.”

 Wizard Maelog, Age of Magic

HAVEN: Lore (26)

“After a thousand years, the presence of superstition and treacherous magic had been almost suppressed in our beloved Haven. I thereby made a motion to the Council of War to take our cleansing crusade to the Charred Islands. I was sure one of their inhabitants would divulge the secret of its destination if we applied the correct method of persuasion.”

 The next Crusade, Royal Inquisitor Cassia

HAVEN: Lore (25)

“The Shield of Aegis were made back in our original homeland. Their ebony plating endures against the piercers of the Wizards of Old and even dragonfire. As you can see, we created something superior to what the barbarians could design.

What other proof do you need of our superiority?”

 An argument against the Barbarian Pamphlet, attributed to Royal Inquisitor Cassia

HAVEN: Lore (24)

“We learned plenty in our journey over the Charred Islands. The priests that worship the Fire there cultivate a plant called Soother Green. When chewed, it suppresses hunger, thirst, pain, and fatigue, something that the Wielders of the Flame back in Haven put to good use. In exchange, we gave them lavender seeds and taught them how to press the flowers to get the healing oil out of them.  It was wonderful to be a part of this; men and women finding a way to reduce pain. What should be commonplace, it is sadly a miracle.”

 Mama Luna, Teachings of the Three Moons